I Don’t Know, I’m the Author, I Can't Say, I’m Looking

Sofia Borges

I Don’t Know, I’m the Author, I Can't Say, I’m Looking, 2015

Video, 9’42’’

This video by Sofia Borges is an animation that combines text, images and sound. The mimetic quality of photography, its representational and theatrical ability to portray reality, stands at the core of the piece that also represents an ongoing theme in the artist’s research. The sequence of images, that interrogate humans’ capability to organise time based on systems of knowledge, is accompanied by the voice of the artist, who speaks with a hypnotic and calming voice. She recites a mantra made up of short sentences that punctuate the entire sequence of images and ultimately create a counterpoint to the visuals. Images of masks, organic forms, primitive sculptures, debris, animals, etc, reference a variety of disciplines including science, paleontology, archaeology, geology, physics and museum studies. The combination of these images however does not provide certainties. With the artist, we are lost in front of the many mysteries that the history of the world and mankind offers and unfolds in front of us daily.

Courtesy of the Artist